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A.I Home or Land Description:

Enter your address, and our AI swiftly generates a detailed, accurate property description using historical MLS data in just 5 seconds

Property Comps:

Enter your address and our AI, using a sophisticated algorithm, ensures highly accurate comps by analyzing current market trends and real-time data to instantly calculate the home's exact value and price per square foot.

Upcoming Feature: Social Media

Effortlessly post to major social media platforms using AI that directly pulls from MLS. Just input the address, choose post type, writing tone, desired details, and length, and get a flawless, image-included from the MLS to post in seconds.

Upcoming Feature: Pull tax information and write an appeal letter.

Type in an address and our AI will analyze taxes for the property and nearby similar homes, assess if an appeal is needed, and then craft an appeal letter for the realtor's client, all with ease.

Upcoming Feature: Write contracts with A.I.

Input the address, names of all parties, and what type of contract then our AI swiftly creates detailed, legally binding contracts in just seconds.

Upcoming Feature: Property SMS notifications sent to clients

Enter your client's name and number, set their preferences, and our AI will automatically text them with tailored updates.


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